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Fee-Based Education Consultations

As part of its mission to help students and families access a full range of legal services, the Law Office of Shawna L. Parks provides fee-based consultations in the K-12 and higher education settings for those who may want a limited legal consultation. This includes people who want to talk to a lawyer regarding emerging issues, want to strategize to avoid legal issues, or want limited forms of legal assistance (e.g. help writing a letter or request for accommodations or to review an IEP). These consultation services are provided for a flat fee. Fee-based consultations are limited in nature, for example a ninety-minute consult to answer questions and help address concerns, and do not lead to ongoing representation with the firm. If there are legal issues identified that appear to need ongoing legal representation, we can provide referrals at the conclusion of the consult.


To inquire: Please send an email to with the subject line CONSULTATION, and include in the email a short description of the basic issue and the type of assistance you are seeking, as well as your contact information including name, email, phone number and address. We will respond with a proposal for service and a quote.

All consultations are provided by virtual meetings, such as zoom, and are not provided in person at this time. 

*Please note that fee-based consultations should not be used to speak with Shawna regarding taking a potential case, and can be provided to California residents only.*

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